Dear friends and clients,

It is with great sadness that after 13 years in business, I will be fully closing my massage practice, AMZ Clinical Massage LLC, effective September 20, 2020.


As for so many, 2020 brought many challenges to us. 

Although 2021 has been a year full of recovery and healing, it has been a time of many difficult decisions. I will not be returning to my practice, and have made the choice with my family to relocate out of state to support them during this time.

I cannot tell you how sad I am to be sharing this decision with you, but I also have much to be grateful for! I am tremendously grateful for your kindness, your thoughtfulness and your long-lasting loyalty.

It has been a great honor to be able to work with each of you for so long, and hopefully also to have helped your health along the way.

I will always remember you!

With all my heart, I wish you prosperity and the very best possible health! Please take care of yourselves, eat healthful food, get fresh air, go for walks outdoors, enjoy the sun when it shines, and keep your friends and family close.

If you need to reach me for any reason, feel free to email

All my very best to you, and thank you for your kind understanding. You can also email me for a list of referrals to help you in your quest to find another provider.

Be well,


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