In-person Services

I use a unique approach to finding the the DIRECT source of the problem by combining many different Integrative Health Therapies to treat Inflammation and eliminate pain and discomfort. 

Sessions with me are not solely massaged-based as I have found most therapies work better in combination with each other. Sessions are designed to treat the direct source of pain.

Pain can come from many different sources:

  • Childhood trauma 

  • The body's lymph 

  • Cardiovascular systems

  • Referral pain from an organ, or a breathing or muscular dysfunction and/or movement pattern

Just because you are feeling the pain or discomfort in your back does not mean that it where it is coming from.


Inflammation will attack the body at its weakest point, and this is where we experience pain. This type of therapy’s goal is to treat the root of the problems and relies on full participation of the client. 

Initial sessions include full health histories and assessments that include postural analysis and various orthopedic and other tests to help identify the most likely causes and contributing factors involved in the muscular discomfort.


  • Male clients may be asked to wear shorts, while women may be asked to wear shorts and a sports top to facilitate positioning changes on and off the table.


  • Unlike relaxation-oriented massages where you are able to "drift off" during the session, sessions with me require your active participation, as your input and feedback are critical to uncovering the source of the pain problem.


  • Conditions that took months or years to develop will not likely go away (and stay away!) in one session.


At AMZ Massage Therapy, we strive to achieve measurable improvement after three to five sessions, although the total number and length of sessions will vary, depending on each individual's response and condition.


Referrals are given if other treatment options appear to be more appropriate.

Virtual Services

Online sessions are now available through Zoom to help those experiencing any kind of pain. 


After an initial consultation together, we will: 

  • Assess areas of pain with a movement screen.

  • Walk through release or exercise needed to alleviate the pain.

  • Discuss ways to activate muscles that may be weak and need to be strengthened.

  • Demonstrate stretches and exercises you can do at home. 

Sessions are 30, 45, or 60-minutes in length, interactive and done mostly on the floor to help reset the body back to a neutral starting point.


Why the floor? It creates a safe environment for the body to learn and reset itself without the effects of gravity.