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Welcome to AMZ Clinical Massage  

Thank you for trusting us  to assist you in your healing journey. 

Please click on the buttons below to download the forms I use in my practice. You will need to Complete these digitally either on your computer using the PDF reader app or using the app adobe fill and sign on another device such as an iPad or phone.


Please note that sending your forms before your appointment is REQUIRED.

Complete the forms and send them at Least 48 hours BEFORE to your scheduled first session. 

  • For the initial session, Clients will need the health history form 

  • Parents :  please complete the Minor Consent form if your child is under 18 yrs old.

  • Save your forms on your computer with your FULL NAME  as the file name 


  • Please click on the link marked SEND FORMS.


  • This will bring up a separate window to add your forms to the drop box 

  • This allows Angela to set up a digital file before the appointment and prepare for your appointment.



Initial sessions : include full health histories with assessments that include postural analysis, various orthopedic and other tests to help identify the most likely causes and contributing factors involved in the muscular discomfort.

The inital session does not include massage. This session concentrates on breathing and working with intrinsic core. 


  • Male clients may be asked to wear shorts, while women may be asked to wear shorts and a sports top to facilitate stretching and positioning changes on the table.

  • On the day of your scheduled appointment please bring a pair of your current shoes. preferably that have insoles that can be removed. We will be evaluating the shoe and if they are the right fit for your foot.



  • Conditions that took months or years to develop will not likely go away (and stay away!) in one session.


  •  Unlike relaxation-oriented massages where you are able to "drift off" during the session,  sessions with Angela require your active participation, as your input and feedback are critical to uncovering the source of the pain problem.


At AMZ Massage Therapy, we strive to achieve measurable improvement after three to five sessions, although the total number and length of sessions will vary, depending on each individual's response and condition 


AMZ Clinical Massage is located within 

Holistic Health Alliance 

 609 Neponset St. Canton.MA.02021.